12 Prefab Shipping Container Homes with Cool Designs

Prefab Shipping Container Homes

Prefab Shipping Container Homes are excellent! They are large, empty, uniform box that you can put things in, and, with a little elbow grease, transformed into livable space. You can call them Off-Grid Lego! Which also makes shipping containers admirable is their portability. They are designed to be moved! Unfortunately, they often move some things are quite dangerous, and they are not designed for housing, so there is less cleaning and the techniques involved in maintaining the structure of this surprisingly up-cycling of a nightmare off-grid. While the loss of many, if you can handle it, then the container will be successful. The question then becomes whether you are equipped to cope with this problem or if it might make more sense to outsource the building for professionals. Fortunately, there is a manufacturer of pre-fabricated modular homes that are building well using up-cycled shipping containers themselves, or by using shipping containers as a model for designing a modular structure which is easily transportable. Shipping containers are universal, they are designed for transport by truck, rail, and ship so as to design a modular framework that takes advantage of this format will revolutionize the modular home industry and small!

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There are three major manufacturers who build good homes using shipping containers themselves, or by building a modular home that uses a metal frame with the same dimensions of the average delivery of your container, and then fill the gaps with more conventional materials and cheaper. While the loss of structural integrity of shipping containers you remove the side panels for doors, windows and on the attachment points for additional containers, shipping containers are engineered so inspired home is located in the structural support where needed. This makes the need for additional materials and helps lower house meets local building codes. Home logical building houses the actual shipping container, and handle all the preparation work and techniques necessary so that you do not need. Nova Deko Modular Home Solutions build modular homes inspired by shipping containers. With a variety of designs and prefab units cheapest on our list, Nova Deko seems to have a large product line. They are based in Australia, but manufacturing them in China so that they are globally available units. Meka offers a line somewhat Scandinavian modular, container shipping unit inspired that I would not be surprised to find in my local Ikea showroom in the near future. They are produced in the good ‘ol Indiana, United States, so that local delivery to US customers will be easy. While not as chic as Nova Deko, Meka design has appeal beyond that go with their Nordic naming scheme.

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Do you have a lot of shipping containers? Are you trying to figure out what to do with all that? In the unlikely event that the answer to this question is yes, you will be pleased to know that they are far more practical than you might imagine. And if, as is more likely, the answer is no, then good news! You can grab yourself a decent sized shipping containers for more than 1,500 dollars. Shipping containers that flood and fire resistant, making them great house-building materials. Ranging in length from 20 to 30 foot shipping containers are usually only used for 10 to 15 years, but they can last much longer. It is estimated that there are 24 million empty shipping containers in the world that will not be used for cargo again. But, as the saying goes, one person retired containers crazy high-end modular homes of others. What? It was not a maxim? Store Design Decameron exterior wall just as colorful as the Brazilian environment in which it is located. Renowned architect Marcio Kogan’s building shopping facilities using two rows of stacked containers, put six containers adjacent to the city center. Translucent sliding doors reveal a handful of products along the wall when during the hours of operation, and to isolate the display window of the office, Kogan apply courtyard garden near the rear of the property. This vibrant and bold, with the center’s waiting room might be more inviting than your living room.

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Decorated with a rooftop terrace and a construction time of just under one year, a desert house Eco Design Studio is one of the few places to stay on our list represent a collaborative student-designers. Mint green residential design sports industry, with concrete floors and walnut finishes, along with tools for collecting solar energy and rainwater harvesting. A slew of dual-pane aluminum windows provide ample natural light throughout the year, but it was five separate deck houses which provide stunning views of the San Francisco Peaks. This low-cost housing created by the architect Benjamin Garcia Saxe is only $ 40,000. It was made with two 40-foot shipping containers. Saxe created to pair with the intention of building a country house that will not put them in debt. Sloping roof allows sunlight in but also allow hot air to escape. It is located 20 minutes outside the capital of Costa Rica, but you can not tell from the picture that it is near a city of about two million people. A mere 320 feet from the room was not much to work with, that is, unless you make a minimalist guest house in your backyard. Private residence, built with the help of local architect Jim Poteet Texas, adds a touch of luxury to the small-sized recycling container 8 feet wide and 40 feet long. The cornerstone of the structure of societies utilize recycled telephone pole, while the flooring and wallcoverings feature bamboo repurposed. Dark blue crate roof even offers a garden space – making it more than just a space to store tools and the people who passed through the housing.

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Shipping container house is located just outside the big city as well, on top of a hill outside of Santiago, Chile and is constructed from 12 containers. This design was chosen by the family to build a fast time on a reasonable budget. Ventilated facades and arranged in a way that makes electronic cooling is not necessary, use natural, cool mountain air as a passive cooling system. So, below is a list of 10 models of $ 24,000. Nova Deko make a strong appearance here because they simply have far greater choice in the range of $ 100k sub and great looking design in general, but Meka and Logical house has some promising designs that won themselves a place in this list. The house has high ceilings and large area double glazed windows and doors to let the light and to avoid feeling closed in. Steel framed house is delivered complete (ot including kitchen appliances and hot water systems. Steel framed house is delivered complete not including kitchen appliances and hot water systems. If the foundation and service in place, you can move quickly.

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If the foundation and service in place, you can move quickly. The house is equipped with all the usual features that are standard in all of Nova Deko modular homes, such as 2-pac to finish cabinets and quartz reconstituted stone benchtops in the kitchen, to the bathroom porcelain tiles, high ceilings and large area double glazed windows and doors to let the light and to avoid the closed-in feeling for prefab shipping container homes.

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