Affordable, Eco-Friendly Green Modular Homes

Affordable Green Modular Homes 2024

Who does not love feast their eyes on a growing array of affordable green modular homes? Unfortunately, many are well beyond the reach of most budgets or too small, unique and / or offbeat to practical life. Good news: More offers green home builder that will not send you into bankruptcy or catapult you completely out of the mainstream. Here are just a few options available – including mold, modular and sustainable subdivisions – for people who want to green but did not have much to spend.

Green Modular Homes

If you are shopping for eco-friendly home, consider affordable green modular homes. Our sustainable modular homes are built to be environmentally friendly and highly efficient energy. In residence, we believe in home design and building techniques that are sustainable, healthy and energy-sensitive. Green prefab homes we reflect this philosophy, and built with sustainability is always top of mind.

We evaluate the environmental impacts during the design process for each green modular homes and trying to minimize the impact. Our modern fabrication systems reduce waste generated from building one of our green prefab homes by 50% compared to homes built the site. To move-in average time of six to twelve months ahead for our prefab green homes than site built homes, lowers costs and allows you to enjoy your home more quickly.

Green Modular Home Kits

Dwellings sustainable prefab house designed with dramatic natural lighting, intelligent floor plan, contemporary and premium finishes. Each house has our signature soaring butterfly roofline and come in one and two story designs. Our green modular homes are also very customizable, with a variety of floor plans and pack finish. If you are shopping for a modern and eco-friendly homes, modular homes sustained consideration of affordable green modular homes. Contact us to learn more about our green modular homes.

In the midst of all the darkness, we are pleased to report good news. Affordable green modular homes have announced a line of trending modular homes. This eco house 750 square meters, which is dubbed “i-house,” can be purchased online for less than $ 70,000. Green building has enough environmentally friendly features to achieve a platinum rating from the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design program (LEED). To achieve LEED certification, the house should incorporate designs that save energy and water, reduce carbon dioxide emissions, improve indoor environmental quality, and consider the impact of the materials used in natural resources. LEED platinum rating most prestigious award.

Affordable Modern Green Prefab Homes

I-house including low-flow faucets, low VOC materials, high efficiency heat pump, dual-flush toilets, roof designed for rainwater harvesting, and insulated walls, roofs, and floors. Upgrade to bamboo flooring, Energy Star appliances, and solar panels are also offered. Despite the housing crisis, Clayton Homes is putting additional research and development to the i-house, the CEO and president Kevin Clayton thinks will keep the project evolves. The right price is determined by several factors, including the model and features selected for affordable green modular homes.

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