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Average Cost of Modular Homes

Price of Modular Homes

Cost of modular homes is determined by the planning module that you select and the features and specifications that you choose. The cost of construction tasks required to complete your modular home is governed by the amount and type of work site, “button-up” work, and site-built structures.

Unfortunately calculating the exact cost of modular homes is much more difficult than you might realize. It also requires a competent dealer modular hours to complete. And it is only after they have convinced you to spend a few meetings and hours studying the options and make a decision. Since the measures necessary estimates for all types of construction, it is not a coincidence that the construction industry is plagued by cost overruns and budget broken.

Average Cost of Modular Homes

Many dealers modular try to overcome this problem by providing a square foot price for their home. You may even be tempted myself to ask for the type of rough estimates, because you understandably want a quick way to winnow down the list of potential modular dealer. However, this is the wrong question, because the answer is not going to help you compare the dealer.

Cost per square foot is always misleading in part because of the cost of modular homes to build a house varies depending on the design. For example, one-story house is usually more expensive per square foot than a 2-storey house, if you keep everything else the same. This is mainly due to one-story house of any size requires twice the base and twice the roof as a 2-storey house with a comparable size. In addition, the modular design that requires more development in the usual places will charge more per square foot than a design that is nearing completion in a modular plant. Additional on-site construction will cost more per square foot than the built in a factory.

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You may ask cost of modular homes per square foot for a given style home. But there are many types of each style home. Compare typical one-story ranch with a roof line directly to the great contemporary story with a few lines roof and attic storage. The second type of design is significantly more expensive to build. Also, a bigger house for any given style cost less per square foot than smaller houses of the same style, because there are many who do not ride a hefty fee when you make a bigger house.

For instance, almost all homes have only one kitchen and heating system, both of which can be spread over more square feet in a bigger house. You may try to avoid this problem when asking price per square foot modular home to be more specific about your desired floor plan. But this will only work if the modular dealers have an idea what kind of specs you’d expect for the cost of modular homes.

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