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Fleetwood Manufactured Homes Reviews by Jack

2001 I bought fleetwood home country to live with our daughter. 4 years later I saw my roof is leaking! Why! Why! Why do people like this! Do really think that God is pleased with your cheap home! A roofer see my house and laugh! He said under the shingles are like cardboard! CARDBOARD! If you’re looking for a new place to call home not buy a house producers! They did well in earthquakes, tornadoes, wind storms, anything! Buying a real home! I heard fleetwood is out of business and I sure wish I could sue them. They didnt even put the house together evenly and now im having a crack through the entire place! Help! We purchased a 3bd / 2ba home Clayton, but built from Fleetwood, I will never buy another trailer again. The walls are very thin, there is no insulation between the walls. The walls are not flat like the floor. Not even real wood cabinet as they claimed. Under our front door constantly leaking when it would rain so my husband replaced the bottom of the door and all there is, is a piece of wood and wood was duct taped, I assume because it broke so they recorded together. Once the rain so much water leaking in from the bathroom floor next to the toilet. Once again I would not buy anything from Fleetwood again. From the first day I had a problem with the seller of the manager who sold me the car home in 2007. I bought New Fleetwood 16/50, 2 bedroom, 2 bath mobile home. 1 thing – the problem with the state electricity temperature discover – one wire burned into the cause of the fire alarm me. Has experienced a problem with the unit since. I paid cash for the car home. It took almost 3 months for my title. Find a manager for Fleetwood … they have experienced problems. Now they are all close around here. I had to pay to get my unit / c and heater repair. Please help me with my problem. I paid $ 30,000 for my house and 600.00 dollars for skirting. I think I made a mistake buying this house. Now I’m afraid that might catch fire. I bought this house a new phone, 2007. Please help … I can not afford to buy another phone and I’m afraid for my family. Is there anyone who can I talk to? 2005 MH with the windows fogging and exterior sealer peel or blister. Called Fleetwood, said “We do not own the company until 2009. The company that makes the window Window is no longer in business.” No answer on the exterior finish on a Motorhome (only on one side) – big money for repairs. Window fog is a safety issue and finish the exterior of poor workmanship. I saw Fleetwood Homes around me with the same problem. I would not recommend to anyone Fleetwood motorhomes.

Fleetwood Manufactured Homes Reviews by Donny

We buy houses Fleetwood in 2000 and has a problem. We hope some settled with the house but not what we experienced. One bedroom ceiling bent within 2 yrs. Carpet started buckling (I guess it stretches when walking!) And especially where double wide joined together. Furnace is intended for home in FL and we live on the east coast MD. Very loud so you can not use the family room to the TV, should use the living room, which further. The windows all have a buildup of moisture between the panes. The whole house vinyl, even under the carpet. Can not accommodate a fireplace or wood pellet stove insert, because they are not made for it. (We added a pellet stove, freestanding to help with the cost of the heat). Minimum insulation floor. Large bedroom and bathroom farthest from the furnace are very, very cold. Cracked walls where homes are joined. Ordered window but cut out very bad, has a gap. Overspray from the ceiling, I think, along the baseboard trim, and on the carpet. Very small bathroom exhaust pipe. We have come and enlarge BathFitters bath and increase the width of the pipe. Some loose electrical outlet and breaker trips when I was washing clothes at one end of the house and dry my hair in the other. We called within 1 year and they send some workers out to tackle the problem carpet and some cosmetic problems. Said they would come back and never did. Many calls were never returned. Total frustration. My wife and I bought a new redwood Fleetwood, pay cash. Got a problem immediately. Called the agent, explaining the difficulties. “We’ll take care of you,” he said. Ha. Send a guy out, telling him our troubles. It is 01/12/2014 … We have walk in shower installed because I am disabled. There is no hot water in the shower, it does not help me much disability. Fleetwood said three weeks ago plumber will be here the next day. Definitely get lost or something. Stayed here two weeks with no heat, no good for me either defect. No need to tell the agent prairie home McMinnville TN. They Got the money and run. Do not even know us now. Guess I have to crawl off my body paralyzed America under low I make American made double wide trailer home and improve themselves. Fleetwood would not mind prairie home McMinnville TN. It does not matter either … Merry Christmas fleetwood & meadow home. I bought a new home Fleetwood in August 2014. The hot water heater breaker will continue to drive closed. They put a 20 amp circuit breaker box to the hot water heater that says it requires 2,500 watts. Obviously the 120-volt line, at 20 amps, it will only provide 2,400 watts (Volts x Amp = Watt). But the label on the water heater using 2500 watts said. So the trip circuit every time I wash clothes or shower that lasted more than three minutes. The circuit breaker in the panel feels hot to the touch because the circuit is overloaded. And the hot water runs constantly. I can not use the dishwasher or run a load of laundry without resetting the breaker.

Fleetwood Manufactured Homes Reviews by Anonymous

Cables for the hot water heater caught fire a few weeks after I moved. I have a picture of chaos burned. I called Fleetwood many times and they finally send the “crew” (two semi-literate people from somewhere very very far in the South) to improve the circuit. I showed them pictures of burning wires and explain that this is a serious fire hazard. They play around with the circuit breaker box for about half an hour and said it was fixed. I thanked them and they go away, never to return again. The next day started tripping the breaker is closed once again, and I called them a few days later complaining that nothing has been fixed. It’s almost a month ago and they have not returned. I have called the Fleetwood several times and they have always said they would send a crew up next week, but they have not returned. I am very worried that the cable will burn again. I would strongly recommend that no one ever bought a house Fleetwood. I paid more than $ 40,000 for fire hazard and no one cares Fleetwood. Thanks for reading. I bought Sandalwood 1994 by Fleetwood Manufactured home and when I went around the house on a lot of the sale was beautiful. The sales staff showed the interior walls where they are not placed on the panel to show the 2 x 4 studs in the wall. I believe this is a well-made home. The house also has a beautiful cabinets in the kitchen, with a peak block meat. The problem starts in 2 weeks after I saw a small bubble at the end of one of my basic kitchen cabinets. I think this is just a minor flaw. However, within 6 weeks of another bubble in another cabinet. Then one leads to another and then finish on all base cabinets began to peel. I would say my “take” from the beginning. It took two months to give dealers my house, I can not understand this. Explanation weather all the time, they were busy, short-handed, you name it. When they delivered home, and I can get into I find that my butcher block table’s only white table of some material. I had a mixed matched furniture. The rear door deadbolt and it is not a door that was in the house I have seen. Refrigerator I have seen in my house saw this house has a double and a small refrigerator. Hot water line running into the commode, tub faucet cold and heat is transferred. Outlets did not work and the shorting caused a small fire. Then one day I heard gushing from my master bath when I let the water out and when I investigated the channel towards the septic lines are on the ground. Come to find out when they set up home, they use duct tape to tape a pipeline to the septic line under the house instead of installing correctly. The tape was let loose and fell on the ground it came. When I contacted the dealer about this, they explained to me that my warranty has expired. I had to fix it myself or hire a private contractor. To say the least it will be expensive. Anyone, who has a mobile home or manufactured home will testify that it is not easy to get a contractor to come and work in one of these houses. They will quickly tell you that they are cheaply made and they want nothing to do with them. So I was left to try to find a friend who will take a look and after hours of searching for parts etc finally able to fix some problems but, after many had to be modified. Plus, they are 2×4 studs in the wall they swear you have? LOL just around doors and windows you will find them. Then even those cheap 2×4 studding. Cheap Cheap Cheap, but great price charged to the customer. I advise anyone to buy one of these homes, do your homework.

Fleetwood Manufactured Homes Reviews Derek and His Wife

We purchase a variety of brand new 2007 double Fleetwood in 2007 and have not had any of the problems I read about here. Maybe it’s because we live in Maine and have a cold weather package? We also have hardwood floors installed from scratch in the living room / dining room and which also may be a factor – we have all of our repairs be done by a handyman who worked for the realtor who we bought the house from, who also worked with Fleetwood. I am so grateful that we did not have a problem with our house in 7 years that we have it. However I was not pleased to read that Fleetwood since bankrupt and they do not respect any person contracts before – that is not the way to do business! In 1998, my wife and I bought a new 1997 Fleetwood Reflection, 3 BR, 2 bathrooms. In less than two years there is a leak in the laundry room leak under the floor, through the walls and into the kitchen. Subfloor to be like a sponge. I called Fleetwood to complain and see about it being repaired but was told that the warranty on this more PLUS they said it was my fault for not recognizing immediately. I tried not to make a habit of crawling under my house, especially through the insulation under the sub floor, so no, I do not find it right away. After replacing the floor and it becomes uneven because you can not find the size of the same plywood or press the board as they use, should also be used to replace the cheap linoleum (not subordinate to moisture – press only the bare boards), central air system out. Once again, I was told that the warranty out on it (it’s a 5 year warranty and 5-year and one month when it came out). I can fix it yourself with a simple $ 30 part. I find that in between the wall and the master bath another leak appears that I did not notice until I accused my dog ​​urinate on the floor and realized it was not him. I had to move everything out of the way to get to the water channel between the walls to find there are no shut off valve (which is the same on all other waterways me to the bathroom, toilet, kitchen sink, etc.). I had to replace and all 12 “of water line leak to get the bad parts and put in a new valve shut off. For a short time, maybe 8-10 years into the future, has no mold problems, water leaks, problems furnace, windows and door gap that allows water and mold and mildew to grow, many electrical problems and the list goes on forever. I was lucky that I was able to do almost all the repairs but when someone pays $ 32K for something, you would expect it to last longer than 5 years before the mess . Selling it would be a joke, even if I have to restore everything with a new one. I remember when Fleetwood mean quality. Now it ranks up there with the worst of the worst.
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