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Satterwhite Log Homes

Satterwhite Log Homes was founded in 1974, Satterwhite Log Homes harvest standing dead wood and produces becomes dry, stable wooden houses in a variety of sizes and profiles. Satterwhite logs have a moisture content of 17 percent or lower for system stability and simplified construction. Our 35 years of custom log home construction experience brings a level of quality that is unmatched in the industry. Satterwhite manufacture and warehouse the tongue-and-groove decking, log siding, wood to 33 feet long and an array of tongue-and-groove wood panels for interior walls and ceilings. Because Satterwhite Log Homes is an independent family-owned business involved in each stage of industrial logging – from harvesting to manufacturing and building custom – no intermediaries or franchise fee to raise costs. Satterwhite offers custom shell construction in nine southern states, but offer sales materials throughout North America, the Far East and Europe. Sales, construction, milling, and warehousing are located in the central office Satterwhite in Longview, Texas. Also located at the site of Longview is our show-house award-winning, The Woodland, open for tours during normal business hours. Western Division of the company is located in Gunnison, Utah.

Satterwhite Log Homes Reviews

This location is the home of major Satterwhite milling facility and sales office. Satterwhite East Division is located in Ellijay, Georgia, where our latest designs, “The Mountain Laurel,” can be toured. The Mountain Laurel serves both as the show home and sales office. Office hours at various locations us Monday-Friday 8-5, Saturday, 09.02, and closed on Sundays. Custom design services are available in all three of our locations. While our full color catalog offers 35 floor plans stock, customers are encouraged to design their own custom home. Our estimates department ready to bid your custom design. We offer our customers the choice of buying a three-shell construction, package material, or log home. Shell construction is offered in nine southern states. Our material package is one of the most comprehensive in the industry. Wooden house in stock ready to ship. Headquarters Longview, Texas we host a two-day Seminar and Workshop twice each year. Please refer to our website at for a complete schedule of this seminar and other home shows Satterwhite may participate in. Better yet, we’d love for you to come and visit us at one of our three locations. Sam Satterwhite never set out to establish a home construction business; However, in 1974, that’s what he did. I have been a cowboy, he told. At 22, I wanted to build a bachelor pad. My first project was a brick A-frame house, no log, just something different. One day, a man passing by and saw it under construction. We talked a bit, and he said, If you want to build something different, how do I build a log home? I do not have the sense to say no.

Satterwhite Log Homes Reviews by Sam

With limited experience of its A-frame building and several barns, Sam must work. Now, 40 years later, Satterwhite Log Homes (Satterwhite) is a national effort. Currently, the company directly employs more than 60 people, and many more indirectly through a contractual relationship. Travonda Satterwhite also has integral success of the company. “Travonda is the hardest working women I have ever met,” said Sam. While Sam is very involved in forestry, logging, manufacturing and construction, Travonda focused on marketing, advertising, events and seminars, business process, design, and sales processes. With the family home just a mile or so from the office, the children have grown up in the business Satterwhite. “Our youngest daughter, Lindsey Satterwhite, a new start here, Sam said. He was 23 years old. Our older daughter, Christi, is improving our youngest grandson, but her husband, Alan Amos, in sales. Our son, Nick, walk in operations in Utah and Colorado. This is definitely a family affair. Satterwhite helping to build a dream from the beginning to near the end, starting with the log. Business has entered operation in Colorado, New Mexico and Utah. Crew logging Satterwhite harvest standing dead Engelmann spruce in altitude Rocky Mountains. These trees are killed by natural causes, and remain standing for years and sometimes decades. “In this dry western climate, the tree dies completely dry from time to time, Sam explains.

Satterwhite Log Homes Reviews and Ratings

Wood moisture content is a major factor in the construction log. While the normal forest products, such as dimension lumber framing, can effectively dry kiln, it is difficult or impossible to speed up drying large timber and log houses. Special characteristics of standing dead wood make it very appreciated for log home construction. These properties justify trouble logging high altitude, demanding environmental practices and the challenges of extreme transport and the distance. Droughts and long-term outstanding performance of this material interesting, and the key to the story Satterwhite. Satterwhite sawmill located in Gunnison, Utah; Longview, Texas; immediately, Chama, New Mexico, Sam explains. From sawmills, wood rough milled and manufactured into many products, including a variety of different types of log houses, and also mind boggling array of rustic wood, beams, posts, round stock, fencing and other structural members. Satterwhite provide a national of a warehouse in Utah, Texas and Georgia. Sam went on to note that in addition to the many products manufactured by Satterwhite, the company also offers a large variety of hard to find specialty obtained from the small sawmill across North America. “In addition to adding an interesting palette of texture, color and character to the log home designer and decorator, a special range of materials Sawmill Satterwhite has become very popular in conventional residential construction and in a variety of commercial applications,” he continues. “Maybe there are other materials that appeal to all people everywhere with the same strength, character and warmth of wood.

Satterwhite Log Homes Reviews and Complaints

Satterwhite designs and sells materials for the log house, serves customers throughout the country. We offer a wide range of standard plans, Sam explains. About half of our customers to modify their requirements. Our design department can customize our standard plan, or develop a completely custom plan. According to Sam, about half of modern log home is almost no different from a conventional home construction. “Drywall interior partitions, plumbing, electricity, septic, heating and air, cabinets, floor coverings, painting is best handled by local contractors,” he continued. “Satterwhite focused on the log structure. The customer gets the best of both worlds, because the best local merchants can handle a log home finishing with the lowest possible cost. The outside of the house logs, Satterwhite has found a number of emerging markets.” We continue to look for other products, new plans and different ways of looking at the log home design and construction methods, “Sam explained.” We sell a lot of different wood products to go with home and commercial projects logs. We went deeper into the commercial supply of wood products that is very unique, as well as conventional market, selling products to go to the countryside conventional houses. We sell to other builders, architects and designers amongst other customers. New markets and applications has enabled Satterwhite to maintain margins, even in a tough economy. We have to shrink our business somewhat as the economic crisis several years ago, Sam revealed. To survive, everyone has diversified. Before the recession we have 13 crew logs carpentry and now we have seven. Fortunately, they are very busy these days. In the last year we have seen a dramatic increase. At the end of 2013, we were 25 to 30 percent ahead of the previous year our revenue.

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Sam has seen a dramatic resurgence in the sale and construction of log homes are larger and higher-end, which includes dozens of homes ranging from 3,000 to 5,000 square feet in the last half of 2013. Satterwhite has also seen an increase in beam and timber products used for the design effect rural commercial buildings. One of the company’s customers to grow is Twin Peaks, a national restaurant chain with a mountain lodge theme. With the market turnover is slow, but steady, Satterwhite has proven robust and flexible business. Sam credits much of success to its employees. Many of his construction foreman has been with the business for decades. Combined, he said the seven leading his crew had a total of 222 years with the company. Most of our people have been with us for a long time, he explained. “One of our greatest source of pride is that with our longevity, we have made many customers happy. We work hard for our customers, and they have rewarded us with loyalty and enthusiastic support. More often than you might expect, several generations of one Satterwhite families have built homes. It means stability and ability to provide a livelihood for a large family of our employees. In the coming years, Sam plans to continue doing more of the same. The business is on a growth path. Satterwhite is seeing 10 to 15 percent per year improvement.

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We keep some backlog and my employees busy, Sam countries. In the next few years, the goal to get busy and work harder as Satterwhite Log Homes expand its market share in both Satterwhite Log Homes Reviews and special forest products-related.

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