Small Modular Home Designs and Floor Plans

Small Modular Home Designs and Floor Plans – The store offers you over 500 standard floor plans for modular homes. Most of our customers can usually find a few modular plans that come close to meeting Reviews their needs. If you select one of our standard modular home plans, it will save you time and simplify your work, since the design, engineering, and pricing have already been done by us. Also You will save money, since our standard modular house plans are engineered to be built economically.

If you do not find any suitable modular home floor plans amongst the sampling we have put on our web site, please contact us to discuss what type of plan would better fit your needs. We Might Be Able to help you with one of our many other standard modular house floor plans. See Contemporary Modular Home Designs under 1000 sq ft.

Small Modular Home Designs

If none of our standard floor plans for modular homes work for you, we’ll be happy to help you design one of our custom modular home floor plans. If you already have some custom modular floor plans in mind, we’ll tell you if they can be built as a modular. If your modular house floor plans can not be built as a modular home, we will help you design one of our custom modular home plans offering Similar features.

When you find a couple of modular house plans that appeal to you, imagine living in each house. Visualize walking through it, entering the first through the front door, and then through the other exterior doors. Think about traffic flow and the location of various rooms. Imagine greeting guests and Reviews their coats hanging up. See yourself coming in from the car with a bag of groceries, or your children returning from their play in the backyard.

Small Modular Home Builders

Visualize placing your groceries on a countertop or table before putting them away. Make sure you have ample cabinets and closets in the convenient places; as best you can, count the cabinets and closets, noting Reviews their size. Imagine serving a meal at the table, and what you will see when eating. Consider Whether the children’s or guest’s bedrooms are too close to or too far from the master bedroom. Would you have to walk through one main room to reach another room? Are the halls too long? Think about the views through all the windows. See Top Rated Modular Home Companies for 2017.

Small Modular Home Additions

As you look over Several of our floor plans for modular homes, keep in mind that each can be changed to fit specific needs. For example, all six of The Home Store’s Whately two-story modular home floor plans started with the Whately 1, and all seven of The Home Store’s Sugarloaf ranch house plans started with the Sugarloaf 3. The optional modular house floor plans were created by making are relatively and affordable minor modifications. You can do something similar to virtually any of our standard modular home house plans.

Small Modular Home Floor Plans

You can also take one of our modular home plans and make it into an entirely different type. For example, you can turn most of our modular ranch house plans into modular Cape Cod floor plans by adding a steeper roof, a set of stairs, and rough mechanicals to the second floor. You can also make-many Cape Cod house plans that have an unfinished second story into a chalet by adding beams in the ceiling, railings for a loft, and trapezoidal windows.

Small Modular Cottage Home Plans

Although it requires a lot more effort and creativity, you can also make-some two-story modular home floor plans into a T-ranch by placing the second story perpendicular to the first story. Reviews These small tricks can help you expand the possibilities. All American Homes offers homesand plans in numerous layouts to suit and building site and room configurations to fit any lifestyle. Abundant finishing options offer the ability to tailor the home’s style from modern, southwestern, country, or simply traditional.

Small Modular Log Cabin Home Plans

Each plan is customizable to meet your requirements and preferences. If you already have a plan or have an idea, All American Homes can work with you to build the home of your dreams. All of our standard modular home plans typically include a floor plan and an exterior elevation. The modular floor plans show the location and size of each room, while the elevations provide an idea of ​​what the finished house will look like on the outside.

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See: Best-selling Modular Homes on the Market. When looking through our selection of modular home plans, do not be misled by the pairing of modular home floor plans and exterior drawings into thinking that you can not make adjustments. In fact, each of our floor plans for modular homes can have a multitude of exterior looks, and each exterior look can be applied to many different modular house floor plans. For example, all homes can have a garage and porch, even if the artist has not included them in the drawing. Likewise, you can adjust the slope of the roof, add dormers and decorative gables, and opt for oversized roof overhangs if you choose, Regardless of what you see in the drawing.

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