Satterwhite Log Homes Prices 2024

Satterwhite Log Homes Prices

Satterwhite log homes prices are various and available from three locations warehouse Longview Texas, Utah Gunnison our manufacturing facilities and our Ellijay Georgia East Division. Price variations reflect transportation and fuel costs required to stage Satterwhite materials in different locations. Package log price only applies to the command log. Material Package prices require log costs represent 50% or less of the total purchases of Satterwhite Log Homes. Hand work surface available. Satterwhite not use mechanical methods to complete the rural distress. All work is done by hand using authentic adh feet and pulled the knife. Ask for price and delivery. Notching Saddle fitting and available on a number of our profile – ask your salesman. Price is per corner, and will vary for non-standard height of the walls. All prices are FOB Longview, Texas; Gunnison, Utah; or Ellijay, Georgia. Prices do not include sales tax. Illustrations are not to scale. Ask for price and availability in seconds to the garage, barn, etc. Note: we do not recommend using wood quality residential construction both. Talk to a salesman Satterwhite for assistance and a free quote. Extreme climates may require a minimum log size 7-½ inch or larger. Further data on the comparison with the geographical area necessary to establish the minimum size of the log. It is becoming clear, however, that the log house was built right ‘necessarily the same as conventionally built homes, even when conventional homes have a polyethylene film barrier to reduce the level of air turnover. The National Bureau of Standards recent study “clearly shows this.

Satterwhite Log Homes Financing

We believe we sell more quality, more design flexibility, more services than just about anyone in the business of log houses. At Satterwhite Log Homes, we encourage you to customize our standard floor plans or design your own. So go ahead and add sunporch that for your green thumb population, enlarging the master bedroom or bath, or include a playroom upstairs for the kids active. This option plans Woodland II, which is displayed in Log Home Living, favors the treatment of a large room on the ground floor enlarged at the expense of one bedroom. By moving the kitchen and adding a larger dining room in a bedroom, living room enlarged. An attractive bar with inset cooktop both separate and combined three principles of shared spaces: the kitchen, dining, and living rooms. To balance, the master suite is enlarged to add a touch of luxury. On the top floor, the catwalk converted into apartments. Many of our clients come to us looking for the American Dream Rural Property. Often the desired land is a mix of forest and open grasslands, and if they want a house that was on the property, we are often asked about Log Homes. We sometimes have a list that includes a log home or log cabin, but more often, shoppers find the perfect soil that suits their needs and then go to a specialist Log Home to build a house. As a service to those buyers, we have added this page with information about the company that we have come to believe is one of the log home company in America and it is here, in East Texas. Their headquarters in Longview, TX and they built log houses of all sizes throughout East Texas, Arkansas, and anywhere within 300 miles of Longview, which covers all areas of our sales. This company is Satterwhite Log Homes. We have sold several farms that have this feature fine houses and the buyers are very happy to have a well built house to buy. We have also shown that nature has Satterwhite Log Barns also.

Satterwhite Log Homes Cost

When we attended the EXPO in Longview, we visited the headquarters of the Longview area home Satterwhite Log. Here are some pictures we took of the beautiful model homes built by Satterwhite. So we are here in Southern IL, and trying to decide if we want to take a risk on a log home. My wife and I both agree we want a country house that is half the battle as far as I’m concerned but can we really afford log home that we want? We have found this house in a log house Satterwhite and love design. From what I have learned, to buy this package from Satterwhite, have their shell, and find local builders to complete I see the north $ 400,000 and thats not including finishing the basement. This is only a rough figure me because I have not talked to builders, but we have built two houses so we know a little about whats involved. However, we just delt with stick built home, so I can imagine the interior wood finish can be rather expensive. We hate sheetrock! I would like to get some opinions about the style of the house and if I am better as far as prices are concerned to find a local builder and they obtain local materials or using a company like Satterwhite. I have read here to buy the kit is more expensive, but it’s really when you look at all the experience and the material you get? Construction is very important for the energy efficiency of a log home as it is for conventional home. Two common construction errors may explain some of the poor performance of energy, which is usually the case with, log homes. Most of the energy loss in the home is through the ceiling, not the wall. Log houses without roofs conventional system may not have enough space attic to allow proper insulation. And construction is wrong, with green logs, can make the level of turnover exceptional air. Construction airtight best achieved and maintained by using machine rather than natural wood, round. Log engine allows tight joints between the log and the log ends and the doors and windows. Tight joints more easily sealed against air leaks, thus reducing the turnover rate of air and heating and cooling costs. A highly elastic, tight bonding caulking, such as polyurethane, is the best choice for sealing joints because the log will continue to shrink and swell. It is important to periodically inspect all joints are sealed for air leaks and reseal any joint reopened.

Satterwhite Log Homes for Sale

Log houses became popular again in the South. In the late 1800s more than 50 per cent of all dwellings built of wood. But with wood siding mid-1930s home has become the norm, with less than 1 per cent of new homes built of wood. Wood siding house usually better constructed because they are built to be permanent instead of temporary. Today, home builders are finding that log house can provide attractive, durable shelter, but they can also have insects, wood rot and exterior settlement problems if properly constructed and maintained Also, heating and cooling costs can be higher for log houses as compared with a conventional house. Convinced satisfaction with the final product, the potential for log home owners should be aware of possible problems so that they can be prevented. Energy efficiency depends on the use of thick timber with an airtight construction. How thick logs need to debate. Wood has an average R-value of about 1.25 per inch. Theoretically, if a log home is to match the energy efficiency of a conventional home with R-value of the wall 12, the log should be around 9-½ inch thick. Research shows that this theoretical log size can be reduced to about 8 inches because of the mass of log walls. However, the actual comparison in East Texas indicate that the log wall machine 5-½ inches thick deliver energy efficiency equal to or better than conventional stud wall construction 2×4. If the above data remain consistent, the thickness of the outer log 51/2 inches may not be economical. Increase the log size of 5-½-½ inch to 7 adds about $ 2,300 to 2,000 square foot home costs. If the same $ 2,300 invested at 7 percent annual compound interest for 7 years, an increase in the size of the log should reduce heating and cooling a monthly fee of $ 44 to match the investment returns.

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